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Pastor Kenyatta Ihoma McLeish - a servant hand-picked by God - carries a rare and distinctive anointing.


Born in Mount Prospect, Jamaica, West Indies and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he was chosen at the prime age of 16, while on the brink of making decisions that would forever frame his future.


The Lord had other plans.


He filled him with the Holy Ghost and fire on the 12th of August 1996, and his ministry took off. Pastor McLeish knew immediately that the call of God was on his life and that he was called to pray. And pray he did.


He has built his life on the foundation of prayer since.


He grew in the spirit, under the guidance of his former pastor - Donald Wright of The Faith Apostolic Ministries – who played a massive role in his development as a young Christian.


Preaching his first message at age 17 confirmed the unique calling that was in his life.



Raised in an Apostolic home with the influence of his great-great Grandmother - the late Mother Susan Copeland – an intercessor, and his Grandmother - Mother Evelyn Beatrice Raynor – also a prayer warrior, Pastor McLeish learned how to pray.​


His grandmother instilled in him the ways to pray and how to also unwaveringly trust in the God to which he prayed.

His mother - missionary Barbara Raynor - a woman of great strength and tenacity, encouraged him to go to church and to pray.


Today, Pastor McLeish is happily married to Lady Tamara T. McLeish with whom he shares not only the pastoral role but also two handsome boys – Kurtis J (the eldest) and little Tyler J.


He speaks of his wife with a boyish sparkle in his eye, describing her as “one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, inside and out. “She has such class, grace and wit. “She is purposeful, elegant, prayerful, anointed and walks with such power, yet so full of humility and wisdom. “She carries her strength in the in the tapestry of her prayer life; I know that God has blessed me with a virtuous woman who gave me two beautiful sons who have added such joy to our lives.”


He describes his marriage as one of the driving forces behind his ministry and is always careful to point out that he didn’t begin to minister until he got married – “My wife is my first ministry, she is my first love.”


Jumping back to his former years, Kenyatta believes that at the time of her death, his grandmother Evelyn released her mantle and suspended it in the atmosphere until he got to Jamaica. He describes his encounter as he walked into his childhood home – “I felt the spirit of prayer hit my belly as I’ve never experienced it before. “Because of this, my prayer life is deeply rooted in getting results. “I will pray until my prayers produce what my spirit is seeing in the heavens and on the Earth. “The discipline of my prayer life has shaped me to be who I am today and what I am becoming on the Earth.”


Pastor McLeish accepted the call to the ministry and was ordained a Minister in 2006. He headed the youth department of his former church as a Youth President and held the office of Vice President in the Men’s Department. Minister McLeish also spearheaded a Men’s Empowerment Fellowship group, which targeted empowering the optimal growth of men in all areas of life.


Through his passion for prayer, the Lord birthed Prayer of Faith International Temple Apostolic (POFITA) on May 24, 2015.


Bishop Stuart Smith installed him as Senior Pastor of POFITA on May 20, 2017, fittingly supported by the love of his life, Lady Tamara, who is the co-pastor.


He recalls ministering for Bishop Smith 5 years ago at Gospel Light Ministries. Now he is submitted to the leadership of that house where he finds stability and Apostolic covering.


His aim is to fulfil the mandate of God on his life and to make sure that the people of God are walking in their God-given Power.


Our mission is to unlock and restore the people of God to their full potential in God through prayer, Faith and the word under the Leading of the Holy Ghost, teaching the doctrine and the belief of the Apostolic Faith.


The purpose of the church is to equip the people of God through the word and Prayer, to maximize their full potential and growth in the earth through faith in God. We will fulfill our vision by applying the following Values: - Prayer, Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism and Edification

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